Come, Gorgo, put the rug in place


Ἄλλα, μὴ μεγαλύνεο δακτυλίω πέρι·

COME, Gorgo, put the rug in place, 
  And passionate recline ; 
I love to see thee in thy grace, 
  Dark, virulent, divine. 
But wherefore thus thy proud eyes fix 
  Upon a jewelled band ? 
Art thou so glad the sardonyx 
  Becomes thy shapely hand ? 

Bethink thee ! 'Tis for such as thou 
  Zeus leaves his lofty seat ; 
'Tis at thy beauty's bidding how 
  Man's mortal life shall fleet ; 
Those fairest hands—dost thou forget 
  Their power to thrill and cling ? 
O foolish woman, dost thou set 
  Thy pride upon a ring ?