Nought to me! So I choose to say


    Οὔ τι μοι ὔμμες·

    NOUGHT to me! So I choose to say : 
    We meet, old friends, about the bay; 
    The golden pulse grows on the shore— 
    Are not all things as heretofore 
    Now we have cast our love away ? 

    Men throng us; thou art nought to me, 
    Therefore, indifferent, I can see 
    Within thine eyes the bright'ning grace 
    That once thou gavest face to face ; 
    'Tis natural they welcome thee ! 

    Nought to me, like the silver ring, 
    Thy mislaid, worthless gift. Last spring, 
    As any careless girl, I lost 
    The pin, yet, by the tears it cost, 
    It should have been worth cherishing. 

    Nought, nought! and yet if thou dost pass 
    I grow as summer-coloured grass, 
    And if I wrap my chiton round, 
    I know thine ear hath caught the sound, 
    Although thou heedest not, alas! 

    Nought to me! Wherefore dost thou throw 
    On me that glittering glance, as though, 
    Friend, I had ever done thee wrong, 
    When the crowd asks me for the song, 
    " Atthis, I loved thee long ago ?"