She comes, and youthful voices


    Χαίροισα νύμφα, χαιρέτω δ’ ὀ γάμβρος·

    SHE comes, and youthful voices 
      On Hymen praise confer; 
    She comes, and she rejoices, 
      Rejoice with her, 
    O bridegroom! Let her see 
    Thy brave felicity. 

    She comes, with shining blushes 
      Of unalloyed delight; 
    Her very chaplet flushes, 
      Its buds as bright 
    With vermeil glow and grace 
    As is her veilèd face. 

    She comes, and brings the treasure 
      Of virgin years apart; 
    She comes to do thy pleasure 
      With all her heart; 
    She knows what joy divine 
    She keeps to make it thine.

    Could Hebe at the table 
      Of Heaven, her cup of gold 
    Mixed with delights, be able 
      Such bliss to hold 
    And pour, as she, thy bride, 
    Can offer at thy side ? 

    She comes, with leaping torches, 
      With song and merriment; 
    She sweeps between thy porches, 
      On thee intent, 
    As gay as Iris when 
    She bears glad news to men. 

    She comes in state, resplendent 
      As unshorn field of wheat;

    And like a vine-branch pendent 
      With clusters sweet, 
    She is endowed to bless 
    With bounteous loveliness. 

    She is to thee the bearer 
      Of triumph and of fame; 
    Be in her mirth a sharer! 
      For it were shame 
    If thou, through fear, wert slow 
    Thine ecstasy to show.

    She comes, thy hope fulfilling ; 
      O happy bridegroom, see, 
    How gracious and how willing 
      She comes to thee. 
    Rejoice! Oh, be not dumb ! 
    Rejoice, for she is come!