Cool water gurgles through


    Αμφὶ δὲ [ὕδωρ] ψῦχρον κελάδει δι’ ὔσδων
    μαλίνων, αἰθυσσομένων δὲ φύλλων
        κῶμα καταρρεῖ·

    COOL water gurgles through 
    The apple-boughs, and sleep 
    Falls from the flickering leaves, 
    Where hoary shadows keep 
    Secluded from man's view 
    A little cave that cleaves 
    The rock with fissure deep. 

    Worshipped with milk and oil, 
    There dwell the Nymphs, and there 
    They listen to the breeze, 
    About their dewy hair 
    The clustered garlands coil, 
    Or, moving round the trees, 
    Cherish the roots with care. 

    There reign delight and health; 
    There freshness yields the palm 
    To musical refrain; 
    For never was such calm, 
    Such sound of murmuring stealth, 
    Such solace to the brain, 
    To weariness such balm. 

    Even a lover's pains, 
    Though fiercely they have raged, 
    Here find at last relief: 
    The heart by sorrow aged 
    Divinely youth regains; 
    Tears steal through parched grief: 
    All passion is assuaged.