When through thy breast wild wrath doth spread


    Σκιδναμένας ἐν στήθεσιν ὄργας
    μαψυλάκαν γλῶσσαν πεφύλαχθαι·

    WHEN through thy breast wild wrath doth spread 
    And work thy inmost being harm, 
    Leave thou the fiery word unsaid, 
        Guard thee ; be calm. 

    Closed be thy lips : where Love perchance 
    Lies at the door to be thy guest, 
    Shall there be noise and dissonance ? 
        Quiet were best. 

    Apollo, when they do thee wrong, 
    Speechless thou tak'st the golden dart: 
    I will refrain my barking tongue, 
        And strike the heart.