Me thou forgettest: thou alone of all


    Ἔμεθεν δ’ ἔχεισθα λάθαν·

    Me thou forgettest: thou alone of all 
    I love the sweet hours failest to recall; 
    My shell grew vocal for thee once—the spot 
    Thronged by fond echoes thou rememberest not. 

    With my dead lovers memory is not dead ; 
    On me they call from many a violet-bed 
    Of the still country ; or in cloudy throng 
    Fill the wide meads with my remembered song. 

    Though I should meet them in the shadows, wet 
    With Lethe, they would give me welcome yet; 
    There would be flicker of a smile beneath 
    Their wan, memorial twines of myrtle-wreath. 

    Regret—it is the lover's, poet's sign ; 
    Of Zeus and Memory the sacred Nine 
    Themselves are offspring ; each enduring strain 
    Springs from the issues of an ancient pain.

    'Tis for his dead girl-love Apollo weaves 
    His poet's crown of deathless laurel-leaves ; 
    By Ladon's river long must slowly bleed 
    Pan's heart ere music permeate his reed. 

    But thou who, walking under evening skies, 
    Can'st see the stars, can'st see the clear moon rise, 
    Unmindful how 'neath her low orb we stood 
    As by an altar in the olive-wood— 

    Oblivion guard thy tomb ! Ah, witless sting ! 
    They cannot be forgotten whom I sing ; 
    For this thy brief forgetfulness of me 
    Thou shalt have everlasting infamy.