Delicate Graces, come


Δεῦτέ νυν ἄβραι Χάριτες, καλλίκομοί τε Μοῖσαι·

     DELICATE Graces, come, 
     And charm my days, 
     With purest loveliness and smiles 
     And gracious ways ; 
For what were life without the spell 
And mirth that in your presence dwell, 
When with linked arms, fresh-blushing, ye 
Stray from the Cyprian deity ! 

     Ye fair-haired Muses, come, 
     And bless my days, 
     With holy ecstasy and might 
     Of deathless lays; 
For what were life without the glow, 
The joy that crowned poets know, 
When ye descend your mountain ground, 
And wake the cithara's full sound !