1 Slowly we disarray

    2 I stood to hear that bold

    3 Others may drag at memory's fetter

    4 Bring me life of fickle breath

    5 Ah me, how sadder than to say farewell

    6 Death, for all thy grasping stealth

    7 Little Lettice is dead, they say

    8 I would not have the wind pass by

    9 Solitary Death, make me thy own

    10 Come mete me out my loneliness, o wind

    11 I by spells had been beguiled

    12 O Love, a bitter, mortal journeying

    13 I would not die

    14 They buried him - ah, I have not thought -

    15 She gathered me rue and roses

    16 When thou to death, fond one, wouldst fain be starting

    17 There is a fair white relic in my room

    18 Vain Death, thou hast no staying

    19 Winds to-day are large and free

    20 He with the Gentle Ones is hid from sight

    21 Thanatos, thy praise I sing