I would not die

    I WOULD not die 
    To meet a goodly company ; 
    I was ever, ever shy. 
    And have loved to live retired. 
    That I might con 
    Some mystery scarce pondered on. 
    Oh, this I have desired ! 

    No hope to brood 

    Where harpers wing on wing intrude. 

    Or bold saints with trumpets rude ; 

    Where four beasts from turning eyne 

    Watch my strange ways : 

    But in concealment of deep rays 

    May some recess be mine ! 

    I never can. 

    On earth, though quite escaped from man, 

    Put society under ban : 

    Buzzing bees swing in a flower. 

    Gnats drum and dance. 

    The weasel intercepts my trance. 

    Birds warble through a bower. 

    Once Chloe graced 

    My suit ; how fondly we embraced ! 

    Still my arm was round her waist : 

    Chloe dropt her pretty head 

    Upon my knee, 

    And Love was left alone with me 

    Just while she slumbered. 

    And once I lay 

    In sickness ; I had swooned away, 

    For I wandered as at play ; 

    It was untethered innocence : 

    Naught of my own 

    I had, the night was open thrown, 

    Sound wrought no more offence. 

    Endowed by thee, 

    Death, let me enter privacy, 

    Unmorose and fellowly 

    To mix, with the free pleasure 

    Of stars and springs 

    And magic, unfamiliar things, 

    My beauteous leisure.