Methinks my love to thee doth grow

    METHINKS my love to thee doth grow, 
    And this the sign : 
    I see the Spirit claim thee, 
    And do not blame thee. 
    Nor break intrusive on the Holy Ground 
    Where thou of God art found. 

    I watch the fire 
    Leap up, and do not bring 
    Fresh water from the spring 
    To keep it from up-flaming higher 
    Than my chilled hands require 

    For cherishing. 

    I see thy soul turn to her hidden grot, 

    And follow not ; 
    Content thou shouldst prefer 

    To be with her. 
    The heavenly Muse, than ever find in me 

    Best company. 

    So brave my love is grown, 
    I joy to find thee sought 

    By some great thought ; 
    And am content alone 
    To eat lifers common fare, 

    While thou prepare 
    To be my royal moment's guest : 

    Live to the Best !