If the sun our white headlands with flame

IF the sun our white headlands with flame 
Failed to greet, 
Should we deem he would shroud them in shame ? 
Nay, blot 
The sweet 
Daylight not ; 
Heaven forgot. 

If soft spring failed the flowers name by name 

To entreat, 
Should we fear she would harden earth's frame ? 

Her hot 

Breath sweet 

Bloweth not ; 

She forgot. 

From my love if no gay token came, 

Were it meet 
To think she had slighted love's claim ? 

A knot 

So sweet 

Snappeth not ; 

She forgot. 

If a land full of memories and fame 

At the feet 
Of a tyrant bowed down, should we blame ? 

A spot 

So sweet 

Sinneth not ; 

It forgot.