Once, his feet among the roses

ONCE, his feet among the roses, 
When the roses were all white, 
Eros wreathed the faint, wan posies 
Round Zeus' goblet ; but, ere sipping, 
'Mid the buds his ankle tripping, 
Lavished half the vintage bright 
On the roses, that, fresh-dripping. 
Flushed the cup for heaven's lipping ; 
And the god's eyes felt delight 
That the roses were not white. 

But the sweetest of the roses. 
By that fiery rain unfed, 
Coyly still her bosom closes. 
Still the crimson vesture misses ; 
Pale 'mid all the purple this is. 
Love, thy burning wine-drops shed I 
When her blushes make my blisses. 
Glowing answer to my kisses, 
In thy triumph be it said 
That the roses are all red.